2 The work in Musicology is a restatement of the underlying concept of South Asian classical music, based upon its original sources and historical development. The main objective is to rediscover and recreate the link between the theory and practice of music that was lost by musicians of South Asia over time. The relationship between music with serious contemporary musicology is vital for the art of South Asian classical music to become a cohesive whole, giving rise to an intelligent and dynamic process of creativity and relevance in current times.

1In this context, work is being done on meticulously exploring and analyzing the basic building blocks of South Asian Classical Music, which are essentially rooted in the subjective experiences and processes of the mind, and explaining them afresh in the light of the emerging knowledge about the brain and mental processes in modern sciences. Work on redefining a number of concepts and terms in South Asian Classical Music such as Shruti, Rasa, Alaap etc., and upgrading their understanding on a philosophical cum scientific basis is being explored. This may prove useful for serious musicians who wish to use these concepts—which had otherwise lost their significance in the learning and practice of this music—intelligently in order to develop the content, creation and rendition of their music.

Lastly and most importantly, serious philosophical thinking is  being developed in areas of inquiry such as: historically tracing and examining the purpose and role of serious music in human internal and external life, and in the evolution of human emotional, sensitivity and intellectual processes; how growing intellectual processes lead to the development of sensitivities and great music; the kind of 1a sensitivities and pleasures good music should cultivate and promote, the manner in which it does so. On a parallel level this understanding is being combined with a detailed grasp (in the light of new knowledge about brain and mental processes) of the processes of perception, emotive cognition, processing, evaluation, appreciation and creation involved in the musical process, offering insights into how this understanding can be used to do music on an intelligent plane, so that its true purpose is served. This entire understanding is being developed and verified with musicians (vocal and instrumental), who are trying to apply this understanding in thinking and producing a new kind of music, for which the term ‘Sanjan Sangeet’ has been reserved.


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