Recording of Music is another critical area in the theoretical and practical work on musical sound and ‘Sanjan Sangeet’ taking place in the Musicology and Instrument Making departments. The reason being the purpose of recording musical sound in all its layers and complexity and without adding or subtracting anything from it, so as to ensure a truthful and effective communication between the artist and the listener. To pursue this purpose new techniques of recording have been developed and Bhulley amplifiers and speakers as monitoring equipment have played an important role in the developing of these new techniques.

Sanjannagar has a no compromise Analog Recording Studio where artists from both India and Pakistan have been recorded. These recordings faithfully preserve musical qualities and hopefully they convey the musical content with all its nuances clearly.

All recordings are done live on a two channel analog spool recorder at 15 ips without overdubs or multi-tracking. The tracks are mixed while the artist performs; there is no mixing after the recording sessions. The studio has one of the biggest collections of microphones and techniques have been devised in relation to the choice of the microphone for the particular kind of musical sound that is recorded, whether vocal or instrumental, and also in relation to the placement of microphones in front of the musicians.


In the light of the philosophical and conceptual work on musical sound, sessions with artists are also held before recording and then after recording to analyze the technical and aesthetic components of the musical recording. A whole series of experimental recordings in relation to exploring Sanjan Sangeet on the Sagar Veena, Shruti Bahar and Sitar are a regular activity of the department.

Apart from live recordings, restoring and preserving of old and almost destroyed recordings is another important work taking place in the department.

Recently the Institute has signed a contract with SAREGAMA(formerly EMI and HMV), the oldest recording label in India, for the release of Sanjannagar recordings in India and worldwide.


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