1 Noor Zehra Kazim has been a practitioner of music for the last 40 years of her life. Daughter of Raza Kazim, the founder of the Sanjan Nagar institute, she has aided him in furthering the development of the Sagar Veena since its creation. Noor Zehra, at first, taught herself how to play the instrument. Her formal training began during 1971, when she learnt from Rajeshwari Datta, head of the India Department at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) in London England. Then, she went to Berkeley, California in U.S.A., and learnt at the Ali Akbar Khan College for music. Finally, when she came back to Pakistan, she learnt from Ustad Shareef Khan Poonchwala for a few years. Noor Zehra has played the Sagar Veena for a number of audiences, and has even travelled to Japan and Norway for performances. Currently, she is still undergoing her musical journey, in which she eventually seeks to discover and create ‘Sanjan Sangeet.’

2 Rakae Rehman Jamil has been working at the Sanjan Nagar for the last one and a half years as a research assistant in the Musicology Department. He went to UBC Cananda for a degree in western classical music but realized that his heart was in eastern classical music so he came back to graduate as a B.A honors in Musicology from the National College of Arts in Lahore. Rakae is now currently playing both the sitar and the surbahar.


3Iram Tauqir has been working as research assistant in the Philosophy department since 1995. She joined the Institute after doing MA in Economics from Punjab University in 1994. Currently she is doing research and writing in the area of the functioning and evolution of the macro process of Nature and its logic and the evolution of the human mind as an integral part of it.

4Sadia Tariq has been working as research assistant in the Philosophy department since 1997. She did her MA in Economics from Punjab University in 1994 and MSc. in Social Policy and Planning in developing countries from London School of Economics in 1996. Currently the focus of her research and writing is the area of intelligent restructuring of the existing gene-based mind of human beings through mental tools.



   Muhammad Afzal joined the institute in July 2003. He is currently heading the Amplifier section of Audio Engineering Department at the Institute. He completed his I. Com in 1996 but due to his passion for electronics, he started working at Hall Road Electronics Market. After an experience of roughly five years in Amplifier making, he joined the institute. His main area of work is Research and Designing of Amplifiers. He also supervises the quality control testing processes of finalized products.


6Rashida Raza From 1978 till 1983, Rashida Raza served her apprenticeship with Raza Kazim, who trained her in the disciplines of black and white and color photography. She had her first solo exhibition of 46 photographs in 1984. The exhibition covered a wide range of subjects. Her quest has been to explore and make harmony with a higher level of human sensitivities through the medium of photography. This is the reason why most of her photographs depict human beings in their natural environment and the communication between her and her subjects is mostly non-verbal. Since 1995, along with Mr. Kazim she has been training a small group of girls in the Photography department of Sanjan Nagar Institute of philosophy and arts.


7 Mohammad Riaz started working with Raza in 1993, two years before the formal setting up of the Institute. He belongs to a family of craftsmen who have been in the profession of instrument making since the time of the Mughals. Before joining the Institute Riaz, who has had no formal education, used to work in his father’s shop where he repaired harmoniums and made guitars. In the Instrument making department, he has been the main craftsman responsible for grasping and translating the detailed and complex design of the Sagar Veena into the concrete and tangible form in which the instrument exists today.


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